Alvier hydropower plant II


Due to the flood prevention scheme, the existing intake of the Alvier hydropower plant had to be moved. As a result, the headrace and power generation caverns were rebuilt.

The Alvier II hydropower plant on the lower section of the Alvier river in Bürs has been operated by the company Getzner, Mutter & Cie for over 180 years. As part of a flood protection scheme, it was necessary to make significant changes to the existing plant. The removal of the existing water intake and a smal-scale hydropower plant allowed the works water system to be connected directly to the discharge pond of an upstream plant. The works water system passes through a reinforced concrete overflow tank into the 832 m long underground ductile iron penstock. The new generation cavern is located underground and houses an Ossberger turbine, the generator and control and equipment. The gross head difference is 22.6 m. The plant has a design flow of 2.5 m3/s, a turbine power of 424 kW and a yearly production capacity of 2.55 GWh.


  • Initial alignment studies and evaluation of alternatives, hydraulic design of the plant components, planning of the generation cavern, provision of a refurbishment concept for the underground works water system
  • Design for consents and approvals stage as required under water management laws, advice to the client during this statutory process
  • Production of tender drawings and detail design for the works waterway (intake, penstock, underground sections)
  • Advice during commissioning and statutory approvals required before putting into service

Project Facts

  • Project

    Alvier hydropower plant II

  • Client

    Getzner Mutter & Cie

  • Function

    Structural and hydraulic design of plant components
    Design of reinforcement

  • Technical Facts

    Hydropower plant technical data:
    Turbine power: 424 kW
    Yearly generation capacity: 2.55 GWh
    Volumetric flow: 2.5 m3/s
    Total head: 22.6 m
    Works water: Ductile iron penstock
    Penstock length: 832 m
    Penstock diameter: 1.2 m

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