Inn collective hydropower plant (Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Inn – GKI)


The cross-border hydropower project on the Inn required an environmental impact assessment and statement.

The new plant aims to fill an existing “gap” in the chain of hydropwer plants along the upper Inn between the “Pradella Martina” plant in Switzerland and the “Prutz-Imst” plant in Austria by economical and environmentally sound means. The design flow (75 m3/s), the use of a storage facility to practically elimiate the existing surge/downsurge issues and the dynamic discharge system were chosen and optimised to create a substantial improvement along the existing watercourse when the plant is operating at economically optimal conditions.


  • Environmental impact assessment coodrination from pre-negotiations to approvals upon completion
  • Compilation of the environmental impact statement and input into the cross-border coordination between Swiss and Austrian statutory authorities

Project Facts

  • Project

    Inn collective hydropower plant (Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Inn – GKI)

  • Client

    Environment Department of the Tirol Federal State Government

  • Function

    Environmental impact assessment: coordination and preparation of statement

  • Technical Facts

    The hydropower plant comprises the following:
    - Storage capacity approx. 500,000 m3
    - Weir with fish pass, works water inlet and regulating device (2.1 MW)
    - Approx. 23 km long works water system with plant equipment including headrace tunnel, access tunnel, surge chamber and penstock
    - Generation chamber (mainly underground)
    - Approx. 310 m of enclosed canal
    - Energy dissipation
    - Landfill for excavated material
    - Compensation measures

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