Obervermunt Plant (OVW II)


The Obervermunt Plant II is designed as a pumped storage scheme with a quick response time. The scheme raised the capacity of the chain of the hydropwer plants Upper Ill-Lünersee to which the plant belongs by around 360 MW in both turbine and pump operation.

The pumped storage scheme Obervermunt II uses the head fall between with Silvretta and Vermunt reservoirs to raise the efficiency of hydropower extraction for the client Illwerke. It was constructed in parallel to the existing Obervermunt hydropower plant and is designed as a rapidly-responding pumped storage mechanism. The two sets of plant machinery, turbines and pumps can be flexibly and individually regulated to adapt to optimise the energy production efficiency. The plant can additionally be run in hydraulic short-circuit mode with adjustable pumps.

The plant makes use of the advantageous location with a pre-existing hydropower plant, nearby existing reservoirs and supporting infrastructure. The new scheme uses no new water resources and therefore requires no new permissions under watercourse regulations.


  • Environmental impact statement coordination including pre for the assessment and pre-assessment phases. Advice on post-assessment changes.
  • Environmental impact statement coordination, production of statement summary, input into several technical sections of the statement and into the coordination with technical assessors and representatives of statutory authorities.

Project Facts

  • Project

    Obervermunt Plant (OVW II)

  • Client

    illwerke vkw

  • Function

    Environmental impact statement coordination, production of statement summary

  • Technical Facts

    The scheme comprises the following new main components:
    - Intake Silvretta
    - Approx. 3 km long headrace tunnel (Silvretta Tunnel)
    - Approx 3 km long presurised connection tunnel to existing plant
    - Krespa surge tank
    - Reinforced pressure shaft
    - Turbine cavern
    - Various access and connection adits
    - Works waterways
    - Energy extraction
    - Landfill for excavated material
    - Compensation measures

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