Construction Supervision

After careful and detailed planning, the plans must also be optimally implemented during construction. IGT assumes full technical and commercial supervision of your project.

  • Activities:
  • Tendering: Compilation of tender documents, examination of offers & suggestions for order placement
  • Technical construction supervision Technical supervision, quality control & technical consulting
  • Commercial construction supervision: Accounting/invoicing & claim management

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Project Design

It all begins with an idea. IGT supports your projects from the first draft through to completion and maintenance of the structure during its entire life cycle. Aspects of operation and maintenance are taken into account from the very early stages of design.

  • Activities:
  • Preliminary projects: Preliminary evaluations and feasibility studies, drafts & risk analyses
  • Project development: Documents for statutory procedures, tendering projects & recommendations for order placement
  • Project implementation: Deatil design & statics processing
  • Operation phase: As-built plans of existing structures, operation & maintenance manuals
  • BIM: BIM planning through all project phases
  • Grouting: Design of grouting measures of all types and on-site advice by grouting experts.
  • Egmental lining design: Planning and design of entire segmental linings, individual segments and prefabricated elements, where plain concrete, conventionally reinforced, steel fibre reinforced or composite concrete/steel.

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Structural Design

It is never possible for calculation models to exactly represent reality. When applying the results in geotechnical planning, we always strive for the right balance between safety requirements and economic efficiency.

  • Activities:
  • Analytical methods (e.g. Ground reaction line procedures, key block analysis, etc.) for estimation and preliminary dimensioning purposes;
  • FE calculations taking into account the non-linear behaviour of rock, soil and shotcrete, as well as ground water (coupled);
  • Calculations using the discrete element method in fractured medium (2D and 3D);
  • Dimensioning of interior construction of tunnels (mainly reinforced concrete construction) taking into account any non-linearities;
  • Examination of fire resistance taking into account the highly non-linear material behaviour under great temperature-induced stress;

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Geotechnical planning is the basis for each and every construction project. Particularly in tunneling, ongoing adjustment and adaptation to the actual geotechnical conditions on site is a critical factor.

  • Activities:
  • Planning: Geotechnical planning is the basis for each and every construction project
  • Consulting: Evaluation of measurement results and interpretation of geotechnical conditions
  • Measurements: Geotechnical measurements (inclinometer, extensometer, force-measurement disc, slide deformation meter)
  • Technical expert: Geotechnical test engineering and expert services

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Hydraulic engineering

Design, consultancy and management services for hydropower from feasibility studies to the design phase up to project approvals.

  • Services:
  • Pipeline hydraulics: Loss and pressure surge calculations, surge chamber calculations
  • Phreatic surface calculations: Water table calculations using HEC RAS
  • Hydraulic design checks and discharge calculations for statutory processes

Consents and approvals

Complex consents processes require experience in the preparation and execution.
IGT supports you in every phase of your project, from initial concept, through consents and approvals procedures, construction and operation phases up to renewal of permits.

  • Services:
  • Coordination: Environmental impact assessment coordination for statutory authorities and project promoters
  • Assessments: Environmental impact statements and assessments for materials and construction logistics
  • Consulting: Technical support to the client in the preparation for consents and approvals, assessments and legal requirements. Preparation for negotiations, checking of official documents, assessments and statutory requirements.
  • Site and construction supervision: Environmental supervision of construction (ecology, water, ground/waste, geotechnics)


Knowledge is our most valuable asset and the foundation for high-quality consulting. We at IGT pool the varied geological and technical specialties to provide an outstanding consulting portfolio for our customers.

  • Activities:
  • Tunnelling practice consulting
  • Expert arbitration reports
  • Technical mediation
  • Performance consulting
  • Testing and evaluation of alternatives
  • Checking engineer activities
  • Inspection of existing structures
  • Interpretation of monitoring data
  • In-situ geotechnical consulting

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Existing structures must be subjected to thorough technical inspection in regular intervals. IGT carries out the overall technical procedures and assists the client in solving economic issues.

  • Activities:
  • In-situ structural inspection
  • Interpretation of monitoring
  • Feasibility studies
  • Options and alternatives studies
  • Economic consulting

Software Development

IGT develops and sells customised software for tunneling. TUNNEL:SUITE is the leading software product in this field and provides on-site support for engineering work.

  • Activities:
  • Software development
  • Support
  • Consulting

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